Anglers in Saskatchewan reminded to remove ice fishing shacks

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Time is running out to catch the big one in the sanctity of ice fishing shacks in the province. The Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment is reminding anglers how much longer they can have shelters out on frozen lakes.

All ice fishing shacks south of Highway 16 must be removed by March 15 and shelters north of the highway can be out until March 31.



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    Ice fishing shelters are abandoned each spring on Saskatchewan lakes, according to the ministry. They need to be removed because shacks can pose a danger to water recreationists after the ice has melted as well as environmental hazards.

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    Shacks that are not removed may be confiscated and owners can be prosecuted.

    Saskatchewan’s ice fishing season closes on March 31 in southern and central portions of the province while it closes in the north on April 15.

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    The ministry is also reminding anyone travelling on the ice to be extremely cautious this time of year. Slush and changing temperatures are good indicators of unsafe conditions.

    To report environmental violations, people can contact their nearest ministry of environment office or call the Turn In Poachers (TIP) line at 1-800-667-7561.

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