City, homeowner at odds following Saskatoon home inspection

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SASKATOON – A homeowner and the city are at odds after crews inspected his Saskatoon home and found serious cause for concern. Now, city officials are demanding he make major repairs.

According to a bylaw, the city has a right to demand repairs when properties aren’t being maintained.

On Wednesday, the property maintenance appeals board heard from the man who owns the home on Isabella Street East.

He’s requesting more time because the renovations could cost thousands of dollars.



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    The fire department says not all residents know about this bylaw but it’s a key to keeping communities safe.

    “A big factor of the bylaw is creating a level of safety as well as maintenance within a neighbourhood to maintain the amenity,” said fire marshal Wayne Rodger.

    “And to be able to address properties that slip below what council was deemed for the neighbourhoods.”

    Under The Property Maintenance & Nuisance Abatement Bylaw, it is an offense for anyone to “cause or permit a building or structure to deteriorate into a ruinous of dilapidated state” that would be either dangerous to the public’s health or safety or substantially depreciates the value of surrounding property.

    The bylaw also defines what constitutes an untidy or unsightly property and sets out minimum standards that property owners are required to observe for their land and buildings.

    A decision is expected to be mailed to the homeowner within 30 days.

    Leena Latafat contributed to this story

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