City’s preliminary budget to be tabled Wednesday afternoon

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WINNIPEG —; Winnipeggers will soon find out how much their taxes are going up, after the preliminary 2016 operating and capital budget is tabled at City Hall Wednesday afternoon.

The budget was put together by a nine-member working group and the nearly 2,500 Winnipeggers who engaged in the budget process in-person and online.

Before it’s released, Global News broke down a list of past operating budgets, and what it meant for your wallet.

Property taxes over past four years

Last year property taxes alone went up 2.3 per cent, which was the lowest increase in the past four years. The 2015 operating budget also included a hike to the frontage levy and an increase in several user fees including garbage collection and water. That added up to around an average of $122 coming out of a home owners’ pocket.

Expect another property tax increase that will lighten your wallet when the 2016 budget comes out Wednesday. Mayor Brian Bowman promised to cap any tax hike at the rate of inflation when he was elected, which sits around two per cent.

Cost of road improvements over past four year

Last year the city said it was investing a record $103 million in road improvements, which was nearly $18 million more than in 2014. A significant chunk of that went to improving St. James Street near Polo Park, Pembina Highway and a Traffic Management Centre that is not yet operational.

Spending on road improvements will go down 10 per cent in 2016, according to last year’s estimates. However, another portion of the budget has been set aside for more work on Pembina Highway and St. James Street.

City’s debt level since 2010

The city’s debt level has increased more than $440 million since 2010.


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