Don Morgan denies wrongdoing in Saskatoon election sign placement

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SASKATOON – The MLA for Saskatoon Southeast wants to clear up signs of confusion outside his campaign and constituency offices, which are housed in the same building on Taylor Street East. Don Morgan, who is also Saskatchewan’s education minister, said he didn’t break any rules by putting up a sign for his re-election beneath a permanent constituency office sign.

The Saskatchewan NDP noted the sign placement on Tuesday, saying Morgan may be breaking rules set out by Elections Saskatchewan.



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    Constituency offices aren’t allowed to be used for campaigning purposes.

    “The campaign office is paid for by donation dollars. The constituency office is paid for by legislative dollars and the two should never be mixed,” Morgan said.

    The permanent constituency sign is in the front of the building, but the office Morgan has used for the past 12 years is in the back of building.

    The re-election sign is also in the front of the building, in the window of the temporary campaign office, which won’t open until the writ is dropped.

    “The speaker [of the legislature] has indicated there’s not a problem and regards it as acceptable. I think the chief electoral officer of Elections Saskatchewan does not regard it as a problem,” Morgan said.

    Morgan said the constituency sign will be taken down to avoid any confusion in the future.

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