‘I can read your mind’: Man promises to guess the number you’re thinking in viral video

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Prepare to have your mind blown. Or prove Lasse Burholt (aka Lasse Balama) wrong.

The Danish man’s Facebook video has accrued 18 million views and counting in the last week. His claim to fame? He can “read your mind.”

Let’s run through his little experiment. He starts by asking you to answer each question fast.

Quick! Five plus three is…

Lasse Balama


Lasse Balama

Nine plus two equals?

Lasse Balama


Lasse Balama

Ten minus six is…

Lasse Balama


Lasse Balama

Then he asks you to quickly think of a number between five and 12.

What did you guess?

If you picked the lucky number seven, he guessed right.

On his Facebook page, Robynne Stout thinks she’s cracked his “mind-reading” technique.

“Your mind was on track with subtraction, so when you saw the numbers, your brain automatically subtracted the smaller number from the bigger number and came up with 7.



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    “Subconsciously if you will,” she wrote.

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    Tens of thousands of others have weighed in, many of whom insist on pointing out he didn’t guess their number.

    For Burholt, that all seems to be part of the game.

    “The main reason for this video’s huge viral hit rate is because hundreds of thousands of Facebook users simply cannot stop themselves from pointing out I did not guess which number they picked,” he said.

    Let us know how Burholt fared in the comments. And for more mind trickery, check out the video below.

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