‘Just kind of rolling the dice at this point’: Alberta students still hunting for summer work

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EDMONTON  – MacEwan University students trying to find a summer job were lined up Wednesday morning before the job fair was open for business. Students still hunting for employment said competition for summer work is stiff, and this year there’s even more after thousands of layoffs in the oil patch.

Nolan Mushtuk, a first-year computer science student says half of the places he applied wouldn’t even take his résumé.



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    “They tell me they have enough workers now and have to lay off, so they’re not even accepting résumés.”

    Mushtuk isn’t the only student struggling to find temporary employment. Jacob Suppes, an engineering student, was hoping to find work in his field.

    “Honestly it’s really tough,” said Suppes. “I’ve been looking around for engineering jobs this summer to go along with my degree and nobody is hiring at this point right now.”

    Suppes says he has found internships, but they don’t pay.

    Twenty-seven potential employers set up at MacEwan’s annual summer job fair. One of the companies that is hiring is Quality Move Management. Michael Gordon says he hopes to start interviewing soon for about a dozen positions.

    “People who can do the physical lifting and are comfortable talking with customers to build that rapport and trust.”

    Gordon says business has slowed down, but people leaving the province still need movers.

    MacEwan career services says the economy is a challenge for students. This year more students stopped to check out what the employers had to offer.

    Suppes said his exams wrap up in April. He said if big oil companies aren’t hiring, he can’t be picky.

    “Yeah, just kind of rolling the dice at this point.”

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