Lost and found: wedding ring returned to owner two months later

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A Utah woman who lost her wedding ring while dropping her daughter off at school in the middle of a snow storm, miraculously was re-united with it two months later.

Meridee McFalls said she dropped her daughter of at Woods Cross High on Dec. 14 and remembers exiting her vehicle to clear some snow off the windshield. She also recalls dropping off another child at Adelaide Elementary and also helped several other motorists along the way.



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    “Got home and some branches had broken at my house. I ran around the yard fixing all of that,” McFalls said. “By the time I got to work, I realized I did not have the ring on any longer.”

    McFalls enlisted some help as she and some family and friends went out with metal detectors in places where she thought she might have lost the ring. She even posted on social media, and while some rings were found, none were hers.

    While a wedding ring holds both monetary and sentimental value, hers was more sentimental than many.

    “My mom passed away in 2009, so my dad took the stone from my mom’s ring and gave it to my husband to place into my ring.” McFalls told KSL News.

    It wasn’t until Feb. 22 when the ring was found.

    Thomas Gordy was carrying some gym mats outside at Woods Cross High with his wrestling teammates, spotted something shiny on the ground.

    “I’ve had that before where you lose something and never get it back,” Gordy said. “Just to have something that important to be brought back to you, I just thought that was cool.”

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