Mother arrested after video of her doing drugs in front of crying toddler goes viral

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An 18-year-old mother from Alabama has been arrested after a video of her allegedly being high on drugs, while her 2-year-old son is left alone crying, went viral.

Lauren Brooke Englett, 18, was arrested on Feb. 29 after a video posted on Facebook of her high on Spice – more commonly known as synthetic marijuana – garnered thousands of views. It caught the attention of local police after people around the world notified officials of the footage.

In the nearly four-minute video, Englett is seen twitching, jerking and even appears to be convulsing as her two-year-old son stands before her crying.

It’s not known when the video was taken, but it shows Englett on what appears to be on a house porch with at least two other individuals and her son.

The man sitting beside Englett has been identified as Jamie Jemison, 25, and the person allegedly recording the video as Rachel Rikard, 19.

As of March 1, Rikard was also arrested.

No word yet on an arrest for Jemison.

Rikard and Jemison are facing charges of reckless endangerment.

Englett has been charged with reckless endangerment as well as domestic violence.


According to Lori Myles, a public affairs officer with the Mobile County Sherriff’s Office, the toddler was removed from the care of Englett and placed into custody with his grandmother.

However, it was discovered Englett lived with the grandmother and therefore the two-year-old was removed from the home altogether and placed into foster care.

It’s not known when Englett will make her first court appearance.

The full video can be viewed here.

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