Saskatchewan premier disappointed by Quebec response to Energy East

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NORTH BATTLEFORD, Sask. – The intention to seek an injunction against Energy East by Quebec’s government Tuesday is “disappointing” and will likely be divisive, according to Saskatchewan’s premier. Quebec plans to go to court to ensure the project is subject to its provincial environmental regulations, according to government officials.

On Tuesday, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall said he believed the move was based in environmental politics and an ultimate decision should be left to the national process.

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“[Quebec] should be able to have their questions answered,” said Wall to reporters after an energy project announcement near North Battleford, Sask.

“But should you have a official sort of a standing or seek to approve or not approve or have a de facto veto on a pipeline … provinces shouldn’t have that kind of standing.”

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The pipeline would take oil from Western Canada to as far as the Maritimes. Wall said Quebec’s move will probably create a rift between the two sides of the country.

“How will then the West view this decision by the government of Quebec other than through that lens,” said Wall.

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Wall noted that the energy sector has created thousands of jobs and helped support transfer payments to “have not” provinces for years.

“There’s a certain generosity of spirit about Canadians when it comes to each other’s economic engines I think and economic viability and that’s missing it seems with respect to energy of late,” said Wall.

“We’re going to continue to fight for the sector, we’re going to continue to fight for Saskatchewan jobs.”



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