Toronto students schooled on social media for snow day whines

Written by admin on 26/04/2020 Categories: 老域名出售

TORONTO – It’s another chilly day in Toronto, but some local students are getting roasted on social media as they try all sorts of whines, pleas and insults as a way to get their respective school boards to declare a snow day.

And just like back in January, they’ve been met with a hilariously unsympathetic audience.

Early this morning, both the Toronto and Peel District school boards tweeted that schools were open after last night’s big snowstorm, although buses were cancelled.

Cue students accusing the board of sacrificing their safety or just being plain mean by forcing them to go out into a sunny, mildly cold morning.

But the people behind the school’s 老域名怎么购买 accounts took them to school, metaphorically speaking.

As it turns out, anyone begging the TDSB for a snow day is wasting their breath. According to the board, it’s declared exactly one snow day in the past 10 years.

Students who went crying to the Peel board got a similarly chilly reception.

Some students didn’t appreciate the embarrassing retorts to snow day please, but those complaints also earned stinging comebacks.

And that concludes the lesson for today.


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