WATCH: Saskatoon zoo’s red panda gets a checkup

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SASKATOON – See what a brave red panda the Saskatoon zoo has as it gets a checkup. His name is Phoenix and there’s video showcasing one of its annual physical examinations.

The Forestry Farm Park & Zoo released the new video to highlight its longstanding partnership with the Western College of Veterinary Medicine to keep its furry guests healthy and happy.

The footage also shows how the program benefits veterinary students’ education.

“The video demonstrates the commitment of both our skilled staff and the city in ensuring a quality health program for the animals in our care,” said John Moran, manager of the Forestry Farm Park & Zoo.

“Showcasing this exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ footage brings to light the facility does more than just feed and clean the animals in our care; that our animal care and welfare initiatives are of the utmost importance in the work we do every day.”

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Red pandas have been classified as vulnerable due to habitat loss and poaching.  Known for their resemblance to raccoons, they come from China and eat bamboo.

Phoenix has lived in Phase II of the PotashCorp Ark exhibit since moving from Winnipeg’s Assiniboine Park Zoo in 2014.

The facility has housed various exotic species over the past decade including African lions, lemurs and currently two cougars named Malcolm and Jethro.



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